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Is your property ready for the camera?

When buyers are looking at properties online or even going old school - actually calling into an estate agent

shop!, they make their minds up in seconds. That’s why having the very best photographs of your home is so important. Get the photographs right and it could mean higher offers and a quicker sale.

Why?...Well, because first impressions count. 


An Estate Agent’s professional skill set is in selling property, leave it there.


We have the proper gear, editing suites, and an sharp eye for detail, we also check on other photographers work!

Download our handy printable pre-shoot checklist 

A few tricks and tips to help you sell…

It’s completely up to you and optional, if you want to complete any of the points below; but the more effort you can put into preparing your property, the better it’s going to look when it has been photographed, please  REMEMBER Photoshop is great but not YOUR saviour!

Treat yourself to a nice bouquet of fresh flowers, looks awesome in the photographs.

You will be guaranteed your neighbours will be checking in too!

Kerb Appeal​

  • Move any vehicles from the outside of the property

  • Mow the lawn, tidy up flower beds

  • Clean the windows

  • Clear away casual use items such as bicycles, toys

  • Remove any garden trimmings & rubbish

  • Put wheelie bins out of sight

  • Clean up after your Pooch

Hall & Living Space

  • Fresh flowers are a must, they bring colour and texture to a room

  • Remove any personal photographs

  • Lay the dining table with your best dinner service, when was the last time it was used?

  • Remove floor mats and runners, shows your floor covering

  • Check and replace any missing/blown light bulbs throughout the house

  • Store away coats, shoes or boots

  • Open fires/stove burners look great with flames


Kitchen & Dining

  • Stock the fruit bowl, again brings some colour to the room

  • Remove unwanted clutter from worktops such as knife blocks, trays, chopping boards

  • Wash the dishes and store

  • Remove tea towels, paper towels, bins and caddys 

  • Wipe down cupboards and worktops, cooker hoods, remove fridge magnets

Bathroom / En Suites

  • Have your best bath linen out, nice and bright matching

  • Wipe down bath & shower, check sealant around edges, toilet seat down

  • Remove toiletries, excess toilet rolls, toilet brush

  • Polish mirrors / vanity units

  • Remove laundry basket


  • Of course make the bed, nice full pillows

  • Tidy away any excess kids toys

  • Clear any dressers of excess toiletries, photos

  • Store dressing gowns & slippers in wardrobes

  • Remove any valuable items such as jewellery boxes and put in a safe place

  • Remove everything from bedside tables except bedside lamps and a book

  • Ensure bulbs are working in bedside lamps


When I arrive

  • ​Turn all lights on

  • Turn off TV & store remotes

  • Light candles, top up open fire/stove (if applicable)

  • Put pets outside if safe to do so

  • Clear vehicles from the front street and driveways

   GET THE KETTLE ON!       (optional!)

Ultimately, DONT PANIC!, keep you house looking like a HOME, we will steer you right!

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