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Should you photoshop a property photograph?

There is no black and white answer. It is generally not standard practice in real estate photography to modify permanent features like power lines, antennas or power poles and physical property features. But when it comes to modify the sky, likewise grass, bushes etc., there is a variety of opinions. Some will argue that grass and bushes are seasonal and it’s not a big deal to Photoshop them and some will vehemently take the other side of the argument. Unfortunately with our weather in Northern Ireland we only get two weeks of great skies! 


When our Northern Ireland weather doesn't play ball



Sky replacement

The sky can be replaced to give a bright and sunny impression of your property exterior, we blend it with the existing image by making it a naturally looking real estate photograph. This adds kerb appeal and is a valuable selling tool.

Lawn enhancement

Retouching the lawn and manipulating the grass will give you a natural looking real estate photograph adjusting the green colors blending it with the lighting condition makes it a perfect property photo.

Object removal

One of the most used services in real estate, from fridge magnets to black bins and the odd car, we can simply remove these from the image as they are distracting to the eye.


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